Judging Judges: The Role of Judges in Bail

Judges are responsible for setting a county’s bail schedule and for making individual bail/release decisions. My research will focus on the legal and policy questions surrounding judges’ role in bail, as well as some nuts and bolts questions about the bail determination process. What information do judges have about a defendant at the time bail is determined? What kind of training, in bail determination, if any, are judges given before or during their time on the bench? By answering these questions we attempt to better inform or train judges in problem areas.

My name is Sarah Saldivar, and I’m a current 2L at Santa Clara University School of Law. I majored in criminal justice and political science at Chico State University. Inspired by this area I am seeking a career in criminal law, especially with indigent clients. I am a native Californian who is passionate about the future of this state especially in regards to the issues with bail in both our state and the County of Santa Clara.