Bail Forfeiture in California: How it Works and Why it has Become so Complicated

The American for-profit bail industry has produced a litany of problematic policies and results over its lifespan. The industry has been able to take advantage of extremely complicated processes to further its primary objective – namely, profit. Reform efforts are taking hold around the United States, in New Jersey and Kentucky, for example. Amidst these changes, it is important to see the inner workings of the industry. Specifically, I will be looking at how difficult it has become for California’s courts to recover forfeited money bail from bail bond companies. I hope this work will facilitate policy oriented toward defendants who cannot afford to pay their way out of jail, not the for-profit surety bail industry.

My name is Julian LaCasse; I am a JD candidate at Santa Clara Law. Last semester, I wrote for the Drug Law and Policy Blog. I majored in poetry writing and philosophy at Gonzaga University. I like to spend my time surfing, eating, reading, and cooking, not necessarily in that order.